Forms & Checklists for Infection Prevention, Vol 1 (PDF)
Forms & Checklists for Infection Prevention, Vol 1 (PDF)

PDF-format version

Forms & Checklists for Infection Prevention, Volume 1 is a convenient collection of infection prevention tools for key operations, process, and reporting activities.

Assembled from a wide range of resources, the book is organized into six sections: IP programs, IP education, surveillance, precautions, performance improvement, and environment of care.

Content includes:

  • Orientation tools and position descriptions
  • Data collection and analysis tools for investigations
  • Needs assessments, gap and root cause analyses, and action plans
  • Performance improvement tools
  • Cleaning and rounding checklists including staff training
  • And more!

This book includes additional links to background materials in individual sections and a Resources Appendix.

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Here’s what your peers are saying about this title:

Environment of Care
"As a novice infection preventionist I recall being assigned environmental rounds. This would have been a great roadmap to begin with. Now as an experienced Infection Prevention manager I find this book indeed has appeal for the novice and the veteran practitioner as well.

For the experienced IP, the OR training program for the OR staff is useful material. I also valued the surveys for the EVS personnel which inquire if the personnel have the information, supplies or knowledge needed to render the job safely and be successful in their role."

Infection Prevention Education
"Overall, a nice tool for a new IP who may not have previous experience with these activities."

"Learning how to perform surveillance, with all the methodologies and nuances, takes time, patience, and collegial support. As IPs, we are rushed for time, and doing more with less. The surveillance section offers key, frequently used National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) forms, healthcare-associated infection (HAI) forms, a ‘line-listing’ template for documenting infections, an algorithm for determining if a root cause analysis (RCA) is needed when a patient dies from an HAI, an outbreak investigation form, an HAI sentinel event analysis tool, and more. These checklists can assist the IP with identifying key information as surveillance activities are being performed."

"Precautions provides a broad compilation of forms, signs, guides, and checklists to compliment your transmission-based precautions program. There is a concise set of transmission-based precautions checklists for contact, droplet, and airborne isolation; color transmission-based precautions door sign examples, along with CDC’s donning and doffing posters; an abbreviated, semi-formatted respiratory hygiene/etiquette policy; and an HAI-reduction action plan template.

The forms suit the infection preventionist in the acute care setting but they may be helpful as well if the need arises to transport patients to a different type of service.

Respiratory illness is a topic infection preventionists get many questions on. This section starts as a policy and then transitions to how to mask and separate patients. Separating patients with a cough is sometimes a mystery to ambulatory clinics and this section provides clear direction. This section would be valuable in outpatient clinics or an urgent care setting."

Performance Improvement
"Performance Improvement provides a compilation of assessment tools that are modifiable depending on the nature or scope of what you are assessing.

The gap analysis template is useful because it addresses the core elements of a gap analysis, and includes a column for action tracking. The action plan template is useful to neatly package all of the action items that result from a root cause analysis, and allows for easy sharing with all parties involved. The facility assessment tool is useful as an infection prevention program assessment, as it covers many general elements of an infection prevention program. It’s a detailed tool which can be tailored to precisely what you are assessing."

Author: Susan Jukins Hudson, et al
Publisher: APIC
Date of Publication: 2017
ISBN: 978-1-933013-67-1
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