IPC Issues in the Environment of Care, 4th edition
IPC Issues in the Environment of Care, 4th edition
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Published by Joint Commission Resources, the fourth edition of the bestselling Infection Control and Prevention Issues in the Environment of Care is designed to help infection preventionists, other infection prevention and control practitioners, and physical environment professionals collaborate to design, improve, and manage an infection prevention and control program that will protect patients, staff, and visitors from the threat of infection. This edition explores the keys to maintaining a safe, infection-free environment, which includes reducing and controlling environmental hazards and risks. It examines various infection risks, both in the United States and abroad, that can be minimized or eradicated through proper management of the physical environment. Topics new to the fourth edition include infection prevention and control and environment of care components of the compounding pharmacy, fogging for room decontamination, and establishing water management programs that are environmentally sustainable, among others.

Key topics:

  • Joint Commission and Joint Commission International standards for infection prevention and control, related standards for the physical environment and emergency management, and infection-related patient safety goals
  • The human element of infection prevention and control efforts—from high-level leadership to frontline staff, patients, and visitors—in such areas as hand hygiene, sharps management, and staff training
  • Infection prevention and control considerations before, during, and after a construction project, including risk assessments
  • Reprocessing medical/surgical items, including what types of items need to be reprocessed, the role of different departments in reprocessing, and alternative equipment maintenance programs
  • The impact of utility and water distribution and management systems on infection control
  • The importance of addressing infection control in emergency management plans to manage risks during emergencies
  • Performance improvement and measuring infection control in the physical environment
  • Guidelines, requirements, specifications, and recommendations for infection prevention and control in the physical environment

Key features:

  • Practical tips and strategies to improve infection prevention and control programs
  • Advice for how environment of care and infection control professionals can collaborate
  • Case studies profiling infection control plans and projects that have proven effective in health care facilities
  • Useful tools and checklists to help health care organizations assess and address infection control risks in the care environment
  • Mock tracer scenarios and questions to identify infection risks and monitor compliance
  • Helpful sidebars guide organizations in assessing compliance with Joint Commission/Joint Commission International standards and other guidelines and requirements, explore the pros and cons of various infection control approaches, find resources for additional guidance on infection control issues, and more
  • Figures that break down complex information in a visual, easy-to-understand format

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  • Authors: Joint Commission Resources
  • Date of Publication: December 2019
  • ISBN: 978-1-63585-103-8
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