Infection Prevention & Control in Environment of CareInfection Prevention & Control in Environment of Care

New! Published by Joint Commission Resources, Infection Prevention and Control Issues in the Environment of Care, Revised Third Edition is designed to help infection preventionists, other infection control practitioners, and physical environment professionals collaborate on infection control issues to develop an infection control program that will protect patients, staff, and visitors from the threat of infection. This edition explores various infection control risks, in the United States and abroad, that can be minimized or eliminated through proper management of the physical environment. It has been completely revised with current domestic and international standards, as well as new case studies and tools, and reflects the 2012 Life Safety Code.

Key topics:
  • the connection between infection control and the physical environment
  • protecting utility systems from IC risks, including air-handling, ventilation and water distribution systems
  • the role of leadership in supporting collaboration between clinicians and environment of care professionals to make infection control an organization wide effort
  • staff issues associated with infection control in the environment, including hand hygiene and sharps management
  • proper cleaning, disinfection, sterilization and maintenance of medical and surgical equipment and other items
  • infection control needs in environmental services and laundry operations, including safely managing medical waste
  • special IC considerations to address before, during, and after construction
  • emergency management issues related to infections, including infectious disease outbreaks
Key features:
  • Strategies for using performance improvement and measurement to track, share, and apply data on infection control
  • General and specific guidelines and strategies to organize, improve and benchmark your IC efforts
  • Case studies that offer examples of plans or projects that have proven effective in a range of health care facilities
  • Online resources and websites that will help you further examine key issues
  • Examples of useful tools, pros and cons of various infection control approaches
  • Tracer scenarios

Table of Contents

Authors: Joint Commission Resources, Laura Hible
Publisher: Joint Commission Resources
Date of Publication: Revised 2017, originally published November 2015
ISBN: 978-1-59940-923-8
Format: Print (If you are interested in the digital [PDF] version of this product, please click here.)

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